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CITYMAX AGROCHEMICAL is a China-based corporation which devoted to organic fertilizing such as Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid & Seaweed product. Being a reliable, dependable& trustworthy supplier of diverse organic fertilizer is what we do and shall keepdoing! During past decade, we have been exporting to over 30 countries and region around the world.

We shall deliver you good products since we are raw-material-based manufacturer & exporter. Quality of product could be guaranteed with professional QC team. Beyond that, we shall reinvent more practical formulation according to your specific requirement!

We are on our way being a global organic fertilizer supplier with supports from multiple scientific institutions. It takes not only time but also perspiration to get deeper & deeper knowledge of organic fertilizer products.

We shall deliver the best logistic service according to the demands of each customer.

Wherever you are, pick up your phone and leave the problem to us!


  • 50th America Figure International Agriculture Exhibition,2017


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