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The Provincial Governor of Shaanxi Liu Guozhong visited CityMax Plant

from:CITYMAX AGROCHEMICAL time:2019-08-15

Constructing a modern industrial development system is the focus of high-quality economic development. On July 18, Governor Liu Guozhong of Shaanxi Province visited Max Factory, and highly affirmed CityMax's modern environmental-friendly production line and workshop.

Since its establishment, CityMax has adhered to the sustainable development line, followed the government's environmental protection concept, production process and production process to reduce environmental damage and impact. The main products are humic acid, biochemical fulvic acid, amino acid fertilizer, seaweed extract organic fertilizer and other organic water-soluble fertilizer, liquid compound fertilizer, and various new custom fertilizers.

We always firmly believe that the road of modernization and sustainable development can provide customers with stable and long-term supply. Using high quality product quality is to win the trust of customers, and using high quality after-sales is to win the reputation of customers.

We always believe that organic fertilizers and their benefits are not luxury goods, everyone should enjoy!

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